The particular person who receives your message deciphers it by taking out his Logography book, hunting up the number for each and every word and translating the message into his language.

International Morse code is applied by Dr. Binem for spelling correct names; the code is printed inside the back of each manual.

Dr. Binem forsees lots of makes use of for his special numbers program, such as international business enterprise letters, telegrams and pen-pal letters. best panerai replicas

Dr. best panerai replica watches Binem says, "The slight problems to translate words to and from numbers opens the possibility of worthwhile and intriguing personal make contact with to understanding and friendship anywhere on the planet."

Dr. Binem was born in Poland but came to Denmark with his household when he was five. He had his numbers program in mind for fairly a couple of years but did not begin operating on it seriously till 1954.

Esperanto, Interlingua along with other languages have an necessary defect. Dr. Binem says, "They should be discovered though the ideal has to be a language which is often utilized promptly."

He believes his special numbers language may contribute to planet peace by producing communications between the wonderful powers clearer and more simplified.

3809 523 1509 1627 3889 panerai replica watch . 901 4003

Which suggests "We surely hope it's going to. Do you"

If you would like more information and facts about Logography and wish to come to be a member of the world-wide fellowship, write to Dr. Binem, c/o the Logography Center, Nakskov, Denmark.

-Ib Eichner-Larsen

Talking BY NUMBERS (Feb, 1959)

I never see how this would perform best fake panerai watches . It assumes that all the words have equivalents in all of the languages and that there's no such issue as grammar or context.

The other difference in between this along with other artificial languages like Esperanto is the fact that you could essentially discover to speak these. The only time you see somebody walking about spouting a string of numbers is in films exactly where an android goes haywire.


3283 1621 1 2047 1705 467 1800.

The above sentence in Logography, a brand new international language devised by Dr. Hans Binem of Denmark (photo above), implies "This is usually a new language named Logography."

The beauty of Logography is its simplicity. The initial sentence of numbers within this short article signifies precisely the same factor in English as it does in French, German, Spanish and Scandinavian languages- and may easily be extended to contain Chinese or any other language.

Dr. Binem's slogan, "Nothing to learn, practically nothing to remember" just about sums it up. Note the illustration at the top rated of this page. It's a section of a page in the inventor's American-English list of words utilizing the Logography technique.

You will notice that every word has an assigned quantity. The numbers, incidentally, are odd ones. Dr. Binem is reserving the even digits for the growth of his method which now has about 2,000 fundamental words with corresponding numbers. If you want to send a message you appear up the word inside your Logography manual and place down its code quantity. That's all there is to it.

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